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T-Mesh Series

Transparent LED display mesh panel SMD type

1.Product model: P3.9, P7.8, P10.4, P12.5, P15.625 (customizable)
2. High transparency: the perspective rate reaches 71%-93%
3. High brightness: side glow, the brightness reaches outdoor display 5000~6000nit viewing needs
4. Easy maintenance: plug and pull type lamp bar, can take out any lamp bar, front and back can be maintained

    TopColor LED Mesh use in building facade lighting and led video wall display advertising, with projects worldwide.  LED mesh panel reatures its lightweight, energy saving, transparency and easy installation structure.

    1. Compared with traditional screen, it is more than 70% lighter:
    2. The weight is only about 12KG/㎡, easy to transport and install;
    3. High permeability, beautiful lighting
    4. Over 75% penetration rate, ultra-wide field of vision and high lighting effect;
    5. High profile refresh:
    6. Side light, the brightness reaches outdoor display 5000~6000nit viewing needs; Refresh rate above 1920Hz 7. screen is clear and stable
    8. Easy maintenance:
    9. Lamp strip can be independently disassembled and maintained, hidden connector;
    Zero noise:
    No fan design, energy saving, reduce consumption, provide quiet working environment.

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