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T-Mesh Series

Transparent LED display T-mesh V series

Product model: P3.9 P7.8 P10.4 P12.5
Penetration rate: the perspective rate of 65%~85%
Protection level: IP level up to IP54, can prevent rain
Box size: 500*500mm/1000 (width) *500mm (height)

    TopColor LED T-Mesh new series transparent LED display screen is light, thin and transparent; Modular design of product structure, box size can be easily spliced into various sizes. Able to work normally in the rain outside. It is used in airport, high-speed railway station, subway station, exhibition center, hotel theater, commercial shopping center, large building glass curtain wall, commercial space and leasing, etc.

    Advantages of transparent LED display V series products:
    1. High transparency: the perspective of more than 60%-80%, lighting and beautiful.
    2. Light and thin: the thickness of the screen is only 12mm, and the weight of the box is only 10kg
    3. Ultra-wide viewing Angle: viewing Angle of 140°, widely spread, by many
    4. Intelligent control: 3G and WiFi networking, mobile phone control is convenient
    5. Easy installation: quick lock design, efficiency increase more than 3 times
    6. Perfect visual experience: unique visual impact, novel drainage advertising effect
    7. V series of transparent LED display
    8. Brightness 1000-3000cd/㎡, suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor; The products are exquisite in appearance and suitable for high-end luxury stores. Products can do outdoor drench, the stage rental business love; Products can be lifted and fixed and 15° arc installation.

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