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T-Novo Series

Transparent screen T-Glass Series POSTER Advertising Player

High brightness outdoor display advertising machine, hidden frame design, high brightness, easy to install, zero noise, cluster control, efficient management

T-Glass POSTER series
Application environment: mainly used in bus stop, business center, community, exhibition hall, hotel, tourist attractions and other occasions
Product brightness: 5000~6000 nits

    TopColor Transparent screen T-Glass Series POSTER Advertising Player is high-end simple design, which makes transparent led display more easy visual feast solution.

    1. Hidden frame design, very visual tension, seamless combination of display
    2. 4mm pixel spacing, high resolution to ensure excellent image quality
    3. 6,000nits high brightness ensures outdoor display
    4. New circuit design, avoid overheating, improve refresh rate

    Support a variety of installation methods, can be used as required by suspension, upright or mobile base
    Remote cluster control, using our intelligent management platform, users can easily control multiple monitors at the same time

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