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T-AV Series

Stage AV LED Display T-AV Curve Series

1, Lightweight, ultra-thin
2, Small error, zero patchwork
3, Fast installation: fast lock design, plus the cabinet is aluminum structure, lighter weight, higher precision
4, Light weight, thin structure
5. Unique process
    1, Lightweight, ultra-thin: the traditional LED display panel, the cost is relatively low, the cabinet is very bulky. The LED rental screen box used in the stage performing arts industry is basically a die-cast aluminum box. The weight of the die-cast aluminum box is about 30-50kg/m2, which has the characteristics of light weight and good thermal conductivity.

    2, Small error, zero patchwork: LED display traditional box because of the use of sheet metal processing means, such processing technology itself is large error, and then easy to deform after processing, so the error is in the millimeter level, it is difficult to achieve display Screen requirements for zero seams. The LED display rental cabinet and module adopt the CNC industry‘s fine digital processing, the splicing error is controlled at ±0.05mm, and seamless splicing can be realized in any size.

    3, Tast installation: fast lock design, plus the cabinet is aluminum structure, lighter weight, higher precision, the staff can quickly install without any tools, greatly shortening the installation and disassembly time, saving labor costs.

    4, Light weight, thin structure: LED rental display light weight, thin structure, can be achieved any assembly: hoisting, stowage, fixed installation, and easy to install, in line with the requirements of the rental requirements for quick installation, removal and handling requirements. Easy to handle, easy to release, the whole screen loading and unloading is fast bolted and connected, which can accurately and quickly erect and remove screens, and can be shaped differently to meet the site requirements.

    5. Unique process: unique structural design optimized for welding process, avoiding the situation of faults caused by poor contact of solder joints of electronic products caused by frequent handling.
    rental led wall
    indoor rental led wall display
    rental led video wall panel
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